Kunyoung Chang – Singapore, Treasure Hunt – SPECIAL ORDER ITEM


7.5 x 9.5 x .7
© 2014
edition of


archival ink, paper, magnets

My working process begins with the perceptions of my surroundings and experiences. Through my bookworks and installations, I seek to draw attention to the quotidian moments in life and to illuminate the emotions associated with those moments. The unbound book, Singapore Treasure Hunt, chronicles my stay in Singapore through the trash that I picked up on their clean streets. The trash becomes raw material in my collage combination. Spectacle cloths, plastic container lids, and severed zip ties, all are fair game as I compose a new life for these cast-offs. Through the composition, combination and photography, I wanted to translate how I perceived the new culture.

Singapore Treasure Hunt was created during my artist’s residency in Instinc, Singapore. For the one month stay in Singapore, I met many art-related people but not many local Singaporeans. Since I was eager to know how the local life in Singapore is, I spent quite long time outside my studio to observe their daily lives. One day of the observation period, I found a plastic cup lid on the clean street, which was a surprise for me that there was a trash in Singapore street. I then started to collect trash on the streets just like a treasure hunt game. I brought the treasures into my studio everyday, rearranged and photographed. It was my own way of conversation with the local people.

Kunyoung Chang received her BFA in Painting from School of the Art Institute of Chicago and her MFA in Book Arts / Printmaking from The University of the Arts in Philadelphia. While she explores the book as a metaphoric medium, she also investigates her own perception of time and space.

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Kunyoung Chang – Singapore, Treasure Hunt – SPECIAL ORDER ITEM

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