Kyle Holland – Birds of Prey


© 2017

edition of 6

dimensions in inches: 10.75 x 7.25 x 1.25

about this piece

Both the history of my relationship with my father and my experience growing up in the South have led me to believe that I must possess a certain set of qualities to be considered a man in the context of masculine subculture.

I feel that I am looked upon with disdain by other men who disallow my individuality while simultaneously rejecting my efforts to fit in, rendering my attempt to attain “manliness” as socially forbidden. By referencing the recreation of hunting, I am able to express my feelings of inadequacy towards the Southern male archetype and my desire to be regarded favorably by other men.

The book format enables the narration of a journey through my psychological landscape, metaphorically represented by the forest. The vulnerable, skinless deer represents myself and is overshadowed by vultures that loom, embodying the feeling of being looked down on by other men. To persevere and complete this journey is to be reborn as a man.

HM paper, ink, PVA, binder’s board, goatskin, wood

About the artist:
Kyle Holland was born and raised in Memphis, TN where he earned his BFA in printmaking from Memphis College of Art in 2012. His work has been exhibited internationally, including recent shows at the Morgan Conservatory; Minnesota Center for Book Arts; the Center for Book Arts; and the King St. Stephen Museum in Hungary. His work is in the collections of the Robert C. Williams Paper Museum, the Nevada Museum of Art, Virginia Commonwealth University, and Yale University among others. Holland currently lives and works in Philadelphia, PA where he continues his artistic practice.

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Kyle Holland – Birds of Prey