Laura Wait – Chatrang Namuk – SOLD OUT


© 2011
edition of 5 v.e.
dimensions in inches: 5.75 x 7.5 x 1.25


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about this piece

About this piece:

This book contains fragments of chess instructions, imagery of different chess pieces, games played, secret words, and geometric codes.

Parts of the pages were derived from the Sun Tzu series of books on chess.

Painting and handwriting, collographs, hand stamps based on the chess sets of May Ray and Duchamp, and Wait’s own eight pawns.

Painted pages are on BFK Rives paper. Sewn on laminated leather and vellum straps with colored linen thread. The endpapers are handwritten onto Nepalese latka paper. The covers are canvas covered sewn boards. The imagery uses chess terms made with acrylic, pencil, and sumi ink inspired by the painting series “Scriptography”.

Housed in felt lined drop back book box.

History: The Indian vassals of King Nushirwan of Persian sent cryptic instructions for a game originating from a secret mathematical code called Chatrang ( chess) along with tribute of elephants and other valuable items. If the Persian King figured out how to play the game they would agree to be his vassals, if not, the agreement was null and void. This was one of other historical instances when chess was used to settle disputes among neighboring kingdoms, thus avoiding war.


leather, paper, ink, acrylic

About the artist:

Laura Wait lives in Santa Fe, New Mexico. She is married with one son, one-dog two cats, and grows lots of organic vegetables. Born in Canada, she grew up in Boulder, Colorado. She studied art history in college in New York, and received a BA cum laude, in Art History from Barnard College, Columbia University, 1975. She studied lithography and drawing at Otis Art Institute. Laura went to London in 1975 where she studied printmaking and bookbinding at Croydon College of Art for five years, returning in 1981. She has been an artist bookmaker and painter since her return.

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Laura Wait – Chatrang Namuk – SOLD OUT