Laura Wait – Volute


© 2008
edition of 9 + AP v.e.
dimensions in inches: 6.75 x 13.5 x .625


About this piece:

A series of nine unique books celebrating the essential cyclical nature of art and the universe.

Spirals and labyrinths are universal symbols making the annual changes in the seasons. They have been used as in sacred rituals celebrating the constant cycle of growth, especially in primitive and farming societies.

The pages were first printed with solar plate intaglios on an etching press, using Rives BFK paper with Graphic Chemical etching ink. Collographs and woodcuts of spirals and labyrinths were printed in color with Akua ink on top of the black. Acrylic paste painting and ink writing completed the pages.

The book is bound in the drum leaf style with a calf leather spine stamped on a woodcut, with paste paper sides made from the collographs from the book.

Housed in a custom clamshell box with paste paper liners.


leather, paper, ink

About the artist:

Laura Wait lives in Santa Fe, New Mexico. She is married with one son, one-dog two cats, and grows lots of organic vegetables. Born in Canada, she grew up in Boulder, Colorado. She studied art history in college in New York, and received a BA cum laude, in Art History from Barnard College, Columbia University, 1975. She studied lithography and drawing at Otis Art Institute. Laura went to London in 1975 where she studied printmaking and bookbinding at Croydon College of Art for five years, returning in 1981. She has been an artist bookmaker and painter since her return.

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Laura Wait – Volute

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