Laura Wait – In the Garden


© 2004
edition of 41
dimensions in inches: 11 x 15 x .625


About this piece:

Six full spread woodcuts illustrate the book, along with collographs on alternating pages. The text of the book is an alternate story of Adam and Eve, written by the artist and printed with wood type on a Takach etching press using Akua-color. The pages are also toned by hand-coloring. The binding is sewn on a concertina with green linen thread. The cover is a simplified style binding with a green leather spine stamped in gold and wood boards, covered in rubbings made from the woodcuts. Six large Collotypes were printed from large sheets of thick bookboards with fabric and card, two each to pair with one of the woodcuts. The text was printed with wood type on alternating pages of the collotypes.

Housed in a custom clam shell box made by Priscilla Spitler

The story of Adam and Eve is intertwined with Paradise symbols, goddess, and garden mythology, and seemed a natural outgrowth to the garden symbol alphabet books I created previously. In my study of symbolism, I have found that many old symbols have been adopted and modified by modern religions. I thought that the Adam and Eve story might be a prime example of this, so I wrote a slightly different version of the story.


leather, paper, ink, wood

About the artist:

Laura Wait lives in Santa Fe, New Mexico. She is married with one son, one-dog two cats, and grows lots of organic vegetables. Born in Canada, she grew up in Boulder, Colorado. She studied art history in college in New York, and received a BA cum laude, in Art History from Barnard College, Columbia University, 1975. She studied lithography and drawing at Otis Art Institute. Laura went to London in 1975 where she studied printmaking and bookbinding at Croydon College of Art for five years, returning in 1981. She has been an artist bookmaker and painter since her return.

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Laura Wait – In the Garden

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