Lauren Faulkenberry – Taxa Grafica


© 2015
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6 x 8

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Created for the 2015 Ideation Experience exhibition.

handmade paper, ink


Artist Statement about work:

This book began with a focus on flora and fauna native to western north carolina. The hardbound book pairs these images with hand-cut patterns that replicate the patterns found in the cellular structure of plants. The softcover journal is a collection of facts and observations recorded from the penland, nc area, as if by someone other than myself who had never before visited the area. While the facts, folklore, and notations are real, the persona is imagined. This book plays with pattern and repetition and is a playful take on the historical tendency of visitors and scientists to categorize living organisms into taxonomic groups. My goal was to create a collection of plant and animal specimens representative of my home, with a nod toward those species that are in decline.

Created using the following Ideation Deck card draws: color – monochromatic; structure – single leaf; image – traced, re-drawn, lifted from outside sources; technique – one unfamiliar to you; layout – minimal or restrained; text – found text; paper- pre-treated. Adjectives: intuitive , scientific or research based , serious , unconventional , decorative

About artist:

Lauren Faulkenberry is a writer and book artist based in Whittier, North Carolina. A love of storytelling drives her work, often leading her to explore the points where shared mythologies and personal histories overlap. Her fascination with the patterns and intricacies of the natural world play a large part in her narratives. She incorporates hand papermaking, letterpress printing, woodcuts, linoleum block prints, and monoprinting techniques into her books and enjoys combining traditional printing methods with the modern. Her work has been shown both nationally and internationally.


Lauren Faulkenberry – Taxa Grafica