Lauren Winges – Familiar Limbs (set of 3)


© 2016
edition of 1, series of 3 volumes
dimensions in inches: 11 x 11 x 1.5 each volume


About this piece:

A set of three volumes containing original images from Familiar Limbs

(note – the volumes are available individually; as are the original prints and drawings).

Inspired by the infinite variety of human and plant forms, Familiar Limbs is a series of images exploring the way in which our human limbs so often mimic the grace and elegance of plants.

The plant images are all still life drawings from the plants in my home. I then transferred them onto Dura-Lar, and carefully placed them onto light sensitive photographic paper. The photographs were then exposed through the drawings and developed by the standard darkroom chemical process.


Silver gelatin prints, duralar, book board, book cloth, paper, thread

About the artist:

Lauren Winges is a Denver based artist working in photography, illustration and book arts.

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Lauren Winges – Familiar Limbs (set of 3)

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