Letizia Ardillo – The cosmic book


© 2018

edition of 1

dimensions in inches: 15 x 8 x 1

About this piece:
Five prints represent the cosmos with circular dynamism in the early stages of creation. The sequence starts from a simple form, a ring, and develops into more complex circular structures. Each sphere is a firmament, a world that describes the vertigo of a vastly expanding cosmic space. The scratched tracks constitute the writing of the book of the world. The chromatic contrast between the white-light and black darkness, which characterizes the very construction of the book, creates a game of references, actions and pauses, full and empty, getting lost to find each other again. The expression discovering what is hidden guides us in this story. Intaglio, printing on zinc plate with interventions in collage with gold leaf, silver and pages of ancient books on paper. The cover was made with handmade painted paper.

The art critic Giorgio di Genova defines his painting:

“(…) she is a mixed-media painting, in which the gold leaf or silver are conjugated acrylic, oil and sometimes with china interventions, pencil, crayons, chalk and collage, to adapt to the substrates to their symbolic Kabbalah and Hebrew alphabet on which proceeds from his years “navegar pitoresco”.

paper, metal leaf

About the artist:

Letizia Ardillo lives in Rome (Italy), she graduated in Scenography from the Accademy of Fine Art Rome, with a specialization in Film Animation. She has worked as set designer and assistant. She makes video and shorts film. She has curated and participated to several exhibitions in public and private spaces. She teaches architecture in a Liceo Artistico in Rome and holds painting classes at the Scuola di Arti e Mestieri del Comune di Roma. She participates in several exhibitions of artist’s books in Italy and abroad and his works are present in public and private collections.


Letizia Ardillo – The cosmic book