Lindsay Larimore – Memories, Mementos, And Musings


© 2015
edition of 1
8 x 13 x 6



Created for the 2015 Ideation Experience exhibition.

sticks, twine, synthetic moss, pebbles, paper, mylar, adhesive


Artist Statement about work:

Memories, mementos, and musings is a nature memory box filled with personal short stories, poems, and memories about individual’s meaningful interactions with nature. Centered around the idea of memory and how memories can remain with us in various ways, this book highlights the relationship between people and nature.

Created using the following Ideation Deck card draws: color – favorite; structure – unbound; image – collaborate with another artist; technique – digital; layout – random or unplanned; text – stream of consciousness, free write, or rant; paper- transparent, translucent. Adjectives: intuitive , wild card (design an enclosure, box or container as an integral component of your project.) , graphic , decorative , elegant or harmonious

About artist:

Lindsay Larimore graduated from Baylor University with a BFA in Studio Art in May 2015. She is currently living in Plano, Texas, where she works as a graphic designer.

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Lindsay Larimore – Memories, Mementos, And Musings

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