Lisa Miles – Mymyth


© 2017
edition of 10
dimensions in inches: 3.75 x 6 x .5

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About this piece:
While exploring my genetic code and contemplating identity, this book delves into stream-of-consciousness reflections on the subjects of family, heritage, and nationality. In this artist book, I delve into personal and shared human stories in an attempt to place myself, and all humans, within the context of the universe.

mymyth is a handmade artist book created by Lisa Miles of Dutchess Press. The text is letterpress printed from handset Perpetua and Gill Sans metal type, and from polymer plates of the artist’s handwriting and drawings. The book features a multi-needle coptic binding, hand-dyed linen thread, and a blind printed cover. All paper is handmade by the artist. Half of the edition is printed on paper made from clothing off the artist’s back; the rest of the edition is printed on pigmented denim paper.

Throughout my life, I have been drawn towards vibrant colors and have been intrigued by color perception. Since childhood I have been curious about people who misname colors. And I would ponder the centuries old question – do other people see colors differently than I do? Why does their ‘green’ look so ‘blue’ to me? For over three decades, my signature outfit has been a turquoise hoodie worn with denim blue jeans. When one of these beloved garments became too stained or worn, I packed it away in a box, and moved it with me for years, from the ocean to the desert to the prairie. As an act of unburdening, I have now transformed these clothes into blue-green paper. The making of these books has been a physical and psychic recycling – making rags out of memories, printing memories onto rags.


paper, thread, book board

About the artist:

Lisa Miles is an emerging papermaker and book artist. She holds an MFA in Book Arts from the University of Iowa Center for the Book. In 2017-2018, she is representing the United States as a Fulbright Student Researcher for her project “Bark Paper, Plant Dyes, and the Book Arts in Indonesia.” She was recently awarded the 2018 Holle Award for Excellence in Book Arts from the University of Alabama. Originally from New England, Miles has been reborn as a New Mexican and is eager to return to the high desert where she will continue to make handmade books and paper.


Lisa Miles – Mymyth