Lisa Rappoport – When I Fly


© 2017

edition of 95

dimensions in inches: 6 x 8 x .375



When I Fly is a collaboration of Lisa Rappoport, Bryan Kring, and Sharon Kallenberger. It is an anthology of dreams about flying by fourteen dreamers. Book artists who contributed dreams include Luz Marina Ruiz, Jody Alexander, Alisa Golden, and Betsy Davids.

Double-sided leporello extending 72″ from the back pastedown. Pressure-printed background. Hand lettering. Handset Bernhard Gothic type in grey ink overprinted on a darkening (on one side) and then lightening (on the other) violet background.

paper, glue

About the artist:
Collaboration of Lisa Rappoport, Sharon Kallenberger, and Bryan Kring

Lisa Rappoport is a letterpress printer, book artist, book designer and poet, creating limited edition artist’s books and poetry broadsides under the imprint Littoral Press.

Sharon Kallenberger is a letterpress printer, graphic designer, calligrapher and book artist in Oakland, CA.

Bryan Kring is an artist who combines his love of drawing, painting, printing, tinkering, story telling, and day dreaming in Oakland, CA.

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Lisa Rappoport – When I Fly

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