Lisa Rappoport – Words Fail {Me} – SOLD OUT

4 x 4 x .25
© 2014
edition of 100



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paper, book board, linen thread

The interesting thing about these various modes of interrupting our usual habits of reading is how readily the brain adapts: what looks impenetrable, such as backward printing or crossed writing, is surprisingly quickly deciphered. Thus, unlike losses caused by erosion in the physical world, the eroded texts can be reclaimed. The cover further confuses matters by presenting excerpts from the poems layered over one another, in ink colors which merge as they transform.

Words Fail {Me} presents 12 poems concerned with erosion, extinction, and loss, treated to six techniques of typographic erosion (e.g. only the upper portion of the letterforms are visible; all vowels are deleted; printed as a blind hit). The casebound book is printed in Optima from photopolymer plates on dampened Rives de Lin paper. Grey and black ink, with covers printed split fountain in colors ranging from rose to turquoise. Hahnemühle Ingres blue-green endpapers. Commissioned for the San Francisco Center for the Book’s Small Plates series. Design, writing, printing and binding by Lisa Rappoport.

Lisa Rappoport is a letterpress printer, book artist and poet. Her work is in national and international collections. She has two smallish books of poetry: Words Fail {Me}, and Aftermaths/Figments. Her poetry has also appeared in Five Fingers Review, Literal Latte, and elsewhere.

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Lisa Rappoport – Words Fail {Me} – SOLD OUT