Louisa Boyd – Multifaceted II


4 x 2 x .5
© 2014
edition of 4

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leather, ink, paper

“Multifaceted II” is a concertina artist’s book designed to be viewed from four different angles. The piece is part of a group of works that deal with the concept of perspective and illustrate the way people can see the same situation from different viewpoints. The book has a leather cover with an etched endpaper and is secured with a tooled paper band. The interior pages are prints of an etching inked up both in relief and intaglio. They are not attached to the cover, allowing the piece to be read in four different directions. The word “facet” is tooled on the interior pages four times, offering the audience a clue as to how the book should be read. Displayed statically, the viewer should circle the piece in order to view each facet. There are two versions of Multifaceted, each with an edition of four.

In recent years, my work has become focused on using printmaking to develop artist’s books. Tradition, both familial and cultural, lie at the heart of my artistic practice and in many instances I am considering memory and knowledge; how this is transferred across generations and between individuals. Many printmaking processes employed aid concept within the pieces as the permanent marks made by tools and techniques evoke ideas of retained memories and repetition of image alludes to the idea of intergenerational traditions. Using the book itself makes reference to our cultural heritage, a traditional skill that relies on methods that have remained unchanged for centuries. In such senses, the process of bookbinding has become as important as the books themselves and the concepts behind them.

Since graduating in 2001, Louisa Boyd has worked as an artist exhibiting both nationally and internationally. Boyd’s work has been incorporated into a number of publications, included in international public collections and exhibited alongside some of the most well-established and respected names in art history.

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Louisa Boyd – Multifaceted II