Lucy Childs – North Beach on Quiet Island – UNAVAILABLE

© 2018

edition of unique

dimensions in inches: 5 x 20 x .8




About this piece:

Quiet Island is imaginary: be there during a traffic jam, while in a waiting room, or because of a news report.  Daydream meadows or beaches; eat lunch and gossip in a cafe (the menu is yours); breathe island air, feel the climate, listen to sounds; it’s all up to you.

The island is within the North Atlantic Drift of the Gulf Stream and inside a sweep of land that stops hurricanes and mutes seasonal storms, which hit hard most everywhere else nearby.

The inside is hand-embroidered with silk, cotton, and rayon threads sewn onto linen; the cover is wool and the text is hand sewn with cotton thread.


thread, cloth

About the artist:

Lucy Childs is an artist and book artist, based in the California Bay Area, and she has been developing the theme of Quiet Island in her hand-embroidered series of artist books and wall pieces for the past three years.

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Lucy Childs – North Beach on Quiet Island – UNAVAILABLE

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