• Lynn Sures - White Sands
  • Lynn Sures - White Sands

Lynn Sures – White Sands


© 1999
edition of 2
10.5 x 14 x 1.5; 84 (opened) in inches


“White Sands” is my one-day narrative of a site within a gypsum desert in New Mexico. Here one is enveloped by vast, hovering dunes and persistently rhythmic ridges of sand. Pure white, the sands reflect the course of the sun in evolutionary color, beginning at first light and changing until the end of day moves beyond the mountains. All papers and prints are handmade and printed by the artist. Covers are cast paper made from cotton, painted while being formed using pigmented flax pulp. Comprising the interior of the panels are six original color prints. These zinc-plate intaglios are printed over monotypes, on a variety of cotton, flax, hemp and abaca papers. Bagasse papers cover the exterior of the panels. Panels are hinged with cloth. The prints were made from my drawings, when I returned to my studio in Maryland. The book was made in an edition of 2.

Handmade papers, monotype, davey board, acrylic paint

Lynn Sures is a multidisciplinary artist in drawing, printmaking, papermaking, ceramic sculpture, encaustic painting, artist’s books, and forged steel.Recent exhibitions include This Really Is My Thing in St. Paul, MN, De La Tierra at UNAM in Mexico City, Mexico; Navigating Below the Surface at Isik University, Istanbul, Turkey. The United States Department of State, the Library of Congress, Yale University, the Museo della Carta e Della Filigrana, the New York Public Library, and the American Museum of Papermaking include Lynn’s work in their collections. Lynn’s artist’s books appear in several published collections, such as Authentic Visual Voices, 1000 Artists’ Books, Penland Book of Handmade Books, 500 Artist Books. She has exhibited and created works for international events in Australia and Japan; and in Sri Lanka, where she was invited as a U.S. State Department American Artist Abroad. Lynn created a commissioned edition of woodcuts on handmade paper for the U. of Chicago.

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Lynn Sures – White Sands

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