Mackenzie Browning – Garden Shed


© 2016
edition of 2
dimensions in inches: 4.5 x 4.5 x 4.5


About this piece:
“Garden Shed” is a uniquely shaped handmade, screen-printed artist book, which is part of a four part floral patterned series created from 2015-2016. This specific book is an edition of two, which uses acid free silicon adhesive as a main binding agent. This series uses the same screen-printed material in four distinctly different ways. “Garden Shed” is crafted into a six-sided cube with four opening doors and a hollow window inspired core. Each door has a sliding latch, which holds in a folded section of printed-paper that resembles the petals of a flower. This book is the most architecturally inspired of the floral series, creating a small building to complement the “Posy” type structures of the other designs.
“Garden Shed” expresses the concept of a green barrier, which is a reoccurring theme in Mackenzie’s artwork. This type of barrier is a soft obstacle that can create privacy or divide property without the risk of being offensive because of its natural and colorful aesthetic.

cotton paper, acrylic ink, acid free adhesive, book board, press board

NOTE: This book is printed using Golden brand acrylic based screen printing inks and is bound using archival, acid free silicon adhesive, which is extremely strong, yet doesn’t dry out over time. All images are printed on white Somerset Satin 250gsm cotton-rag acid free printmaking paper. The books are surprisingly durable as the acrylic inks become water resistant when dry, creating a plastic like surface to the paper. These books are highly crafted to the uppermost level and are built to last.

About the artist:

Mackenzie Browning is a Denver based, Canadian artist who works primarily in screen-print, book arts, and print based sculpture. Mackenzie’s aesthetic can be described as bold, meticulous, and inventive, often blurring the lines between design, craft and fine art. His artworks are constantly pushing personal technical boundaries, often becoming architectural in nature. Mackenzie’s creations and installations reflect both his past and present lived experiences, a personal history that has primarily taken place in the suburban construct. Mackenzie holds an MFA and a BFA degree in studio art.

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Mackenzie Browning – Garden Shed

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