Mackenzie Browning – My Chipboard Life


© 2017

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v.e. dimensions in inches: 10 x 8.75 x 8.25

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about this piece

My Chipboard Life was inspired by Mackenzie’s upbringing. Growing up with parents who constantly flipped houses, Mackenzie moved often as a child and frequently felt displaced as a result. The outside of the book is shaped like a house, and when the roof is detached, it unfolds an accordion style book of screen-printed materials, patterns, and text that comments on a life of constant renovation and frequent moving. Many of the patterns and textures depicted are representative of those that would be ripped out and replaced when flipping a house. The glossy text, when read in order, enunciates the thought process of a typical homeowner torn between treating a house as a home or as a financial investment. The chipboard exterior comments on new construction techniques that aim to build houses as quickly and inexpensively as possible with little regard to longevity and quality.

All patterns were hand screen-printed using a four-color process. The breeze block patterns were digitally cut.

book board,wood, ink, paper, adhesives

About the artist:
Mackenzie Browning is a Denver based, Canadian artist who works primarily in screen-print, book arts, and print based sculpture. Mackenzie’s aesthetic can be described as bold, meticulous, and inventive, often blurring the lines between design, craft and fine art. His artworks are constantly pushing personal technical boundaries, often becoming architectural in nature. Mackenzie’s creations and installations reflect both his past and present lived experiences, a personal history that has primarily taken place in the suburban construct.

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Mackenzie Browning – My Chipboard Life