Macy Chadwick – Observations on Listening (collaboration with Jennifer McKnight)


© 2012
edition of 40
dimensions in inches: 11.25 x 8.25



About this piece:

This limited edition artist’s book was inspired by listening to audio books, specifically to classic literature. Different from reading, we have to pursue an audio book with careful, tense listening. The story line becomes our prey: we chase it, lose it, and find its line again. |Printed on the top layer of translucent pocket pages is the story line, where our audio story’s plot lives. Inside these pockets, the brightly colored interior cards serve as a dual metaphor; they represent both the hidden landscapes of the deep sea, and also the internal vibrations of the story– the aesthetic experience and visual associations of listening.

Observations on Listening was created, designed and printed by Macy Chadwick and Jennifer McKnight in 2012. The text was written by the artists, with additional text quoted from Moby Dick by Herman Melville. The pocket pages were letterpress printed with pressure prints and polymer plates on Eames paper. The interior cards were screen printed and letterpress printed on Strathmore Wove paper. The binding is based on the storage book format by Hedi Kyle, with a tyvek spine and hard covers.



Eames paper, Strathmove Wove paper, ink, book cloth

Artists bio:

Macy Chadwick publishes artist’s books and limited-edition prints under the imprint In Cahoots Press in Oakland, California. She received an MFA in Book Arts and Printmaking from The University of the Arts in Philadelphia. Macy teaches at the Academy of Art University, San Francisco, and her work is in prominent collections in the U.S. and abroad, including the Victoria and Albert Museum, Yale University Special Collections, and the Jack Ginsberg Collection in South Africa.

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Macy Chadwick – Observations on Listening (collaboration with Jennifer McKnight)

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