Mado Reznik – Carous(a/e)l – SPECIAL ORDER ITEM

© 2017
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dimensions in inches: 12.5 x 12.4 x 2

SPECIAL ORDER ITEM – Price on request

About this piece:

Carous (a/e)l alludes to the conjunction of both carousal and carousel. It is an homage to the birth of tango in my country, mostly a male dance at that time. I have worked with different techniques: tempera on wood panel, digital collage on the front box, collage of vintage anonymous characters inside with a small glass and thread. The idea is to express the union of a nocturnal and marginal activity. The feminine role is reserved to a kind of demiurge that moves the threads of the scene as a carousel.Tango used to be a dance exclusively reserved to men. Women started to dance later. With time tango has been transformed into a very sensual dance but somehow it only allows a different sex couple. This book tries to show how time passing makes invisible the origin and the change of practices



cloth, wood, paper, thread, glass

About the artist:

Mado Reznik is a visual artist and writer. She multi-technique approach incorporates printmaking, collage, encaustic, photography and ink drawing. Her writing includes poetry, fiction and testimonials. Her main interests are memory and language mostly through paper as a medium . She has exhibited extensively in Argentina, Spain, Mexico, the United States and Uruguay. Her work is held in Special Collections throughout the United States.


Mado Reznik – Carous(a/e)l – SPECIAL ORDER ITEM