Mado Reznik – On the professions of strumpets – SPECIAL ORDER ITEM

12.5 x 12.5 x 4.3
© 2012
edition of 3


paper, glass

This book is a playbook: a box with dice and a mirror. You can look at yourself and you can look at the women´s faces and listen to their voices. This is a book about a group of women from the beginning of the 20th century who used to work as prostitutes. The pictures have been transformed into sets of double photogravures. Each of them has a Greek name, as if they were minor deities. They speak about their dreams and thoughts. Many years ago, while I was doing a research about my mother´s natal place, I came across with an old register of prostitutes. Their faces did catch my eye and I took some pictures. After watching their expressions I wrote a poem for each of them. Finally I thought of a game of chance where anybody might be one of them. For each I made a set of double photogravures with handmade paper and Japanese Tengujo paper. Each die has also a poem that can be read in any direction. There is also a couple of joker dice because chance is a main part of memory.

Mado Reznik is a visual artist and writer. She studied Linguistics and got a Ph. D. from Universidad Complutense of Madrid, Spain. She works with etchings, collages and inks, techniques that are a reflection and a seeking journey through paper as a medium. Her main interests are memory and language.


Mado Reznik – On the professions of strumpets – SPECIAL ORDER ITEM