Maja Dokudowicz – To the common man


c. 2019
edition of: 3
dimensions: 5.5 x 3.75

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This artists’ book is based on analog half frame pictures. I combined the images with the fragments of Julian Tuwim’s poem titled “Do prostego człowieka To the common man”. Written in 1929 this poem was a manifesto against the mechanism of war propaganda during the times marked by the activity of nationalist and fascist forces. The aim of the poem was to open the eyes of ‘every man’, so that he would not blindly believe the rulers and not get caught up in their tactics and games.

Unfortunately, 90 years later, the text of the poem is not outdated. The ways politicians justify war, the rise of fascism and far right political programs, the abuse of power and the exploitation of the earth. This book is designed as small pocket format so you can carry it with you everywhere, as there is still a need for honest, straightforward civil disobedience and a continuous evaluation of today’s reality.

Designed, printed by hand (algraphy) and bound by the artist. It consist of 14 pages.


paper, ink, thread

About the artist:

Born in 1990, in Warsaw, Poland. She is a PhD student in printmaking at the E.Geppert Academy of Fine Art and Design in Wrocław, where she also obtained her master of art degree in Printmaking and Graphic Design. She also holds the bachelor degree in Culture Studies.

In her artistic work and research she examines the fragment, its meanings and unique dichotomies. She is approaching printmaking and its various techniques and artists’ books with an experimental attitude towards their application and limits. Her work has been exhibited in more than 90 exhibitions worldwide, and she has had 5 solo exhibitions.


Maja Dokudowicz – To the common man