Marcia Watt – Lost – SOLD

© 2020
edition of 1
dimensions in inches: 11.25 x 4.25 x .5


About this piece:

The poem is presented in four different versions. Each one is the exact same text, however as the text changes and morphs, it becomes increasingly difficult to read. Eventually it merges into the clouds. The ancient Chinese depicted the earth as a flat square and the sky as a circle. Both of these are subtly observable in three of the four versions of the poem, as the increasingly desperate goose searches heaven and earth in an attempt to rejoin its flock. Much like the frantic solitary goose in the poem searching for its flock, people all over the world in 2020 have been searching high and low for solace, for peace and for health. Does the goose ultimately find its home? Do people ever find what they are looking for?

The original poem was written by the Tang era poet, Du Fu, 712 – 770. The title translates as  The Solitary Goose, and it is about a lost goose searching far and wide for its flock.


paper, ink, watercolor, thread

About the artist:

Lives and works in Stone Mountain, Georgia.

Marcia Watt is a calligrapher, book artist, and papermaker living near Atlanta, GA. Her primary sources of inspiration come from China, Hawaii, and cats. She has a BA from Reed College and an MLS from SCSU. She has worked as both a rare book cataloger and a preservation librarian. She teaches in a variety of locations throughout the Atlanta area. He work has been widely displayed across the U.S. and her work has won awards in the Southeast Guild of Book Workers, as well as the Nantong International Contemporary Craft Biennale.


Marcia Watt – Lost – SOLD