Marginalia press/Corcoran College of Art + Design – Verdant


© Spring, 2012
edition of 40
20 x 2.75 x 2.75 in inches


Verdant is the second annual collaborative artists’ book created by graduate students in the Corcoran College of Art + Design’s, MA Art and the Book Program, published by Marginalia Press, of students in the Studio II course/Fall 2011. Verdant explores recycling abstractly in reference to the passage of time and recollection of memories of the environment. The scroll itself was crafted with handmade paper composed of recycled materials, student clothing, and abaca, a plant harvested for its special fiber qualities. Each artist supplied his or her own original writing and imagery, adding multiple perspectives to the final product. “Recycling does not limit itself to reusing products. It also acknowledges an item’s history, its usefulness in the moment, and the path to its future purpose.” —2011/12, Corcoran students of Marginalia Press.

Handmade paper, bookboard, bookcloth, letterpress, and relief printmaking.

Marginalia, is the graduate student press of the MA, Art and the Book program at the Corcoran College of Art + Design, Washington, DC. Specifically, Marginalia, is a collection of artists, bookmakers and scholars interested in investigating and creating handmade artists’ books, and educating themselves and others through actively producing work and connecting with the larger bookmaking community. With diverse backgrounds in such areas as printmaking, graphic design, sculpture, creative writing, woodworking, glass blowing, and photography, Marginalia members draw from a wide range of skills and experiences when approaching the multi-faceted and oft-shifting field of artists’ books.

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Marginalia press/Corcoran College of Art + Design – Verdant

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