Margy O’Brien – Crow Play


© 2018
edition of 5 v.e.
dimensions in inches: 7 x 5 x 20

about this piece

Panorama book structure and slipcase. Inspired by the crows in my neighborhood. Especially entertaining in the late fall when trees are bare, they compete over whatever is left on a few pecan trees. I watch them chase each other, dropping pecans on the street to crack the shells, and then arguing over the treasured nutmeats.

The duotone photo lithograph image is from a pencil drawing I did years ago of a beloved neighborhood tree. After selling many of the prints for framing, I have challenged myself to utilize portions of the remaining prints on hand to create book such as “Crow Play”. It makes a perfect background for the glistening crows flying through the trees.

Original haiku by artist.


paper, acrylics. ink

About the artist:

Lives in Albuquerque, New Mexico, United States

Margy O’Brien begins her creative process outdoors with a sketchbook. These pages of direct nature observation are the catalyst for her studio work ranging from large mixed media pieces to artists books, depending on her intent and feelings. She finds the book format especially satisfying as it allows for the sequential feeling of discovery closest to the original outdoor experience. Unlike viewing a traditional watercolor painting under glass, viewers can engage more interactively with the handling and moving of a book, enjoying a more intimate experience.

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Margy O’Brien – Crow Play