Marian Crane – Color Cards – SOLD

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dimensions in inches: 5 x 3.5 x 2.25



Color Cards is a fiber-artist’s take on the Blizzard Book format created by Hedi Kyle.

Origami with cloth offers its own caveats and rewards: crisp folds require machine or hand-stitching to anchor the fold, and thicker fabric can be challenging to steam into shape.

This little book is a wordless celebration of six vivid rainbow panels tucked into the envelopes. Twenty accent tassels consist of waxed thread, glass beads, and leftover embroidery floss scraps. The covers are three layers of heavy felt covered by scrap linen and applique patchwork.

I chose a rainbow theme because it lifted my spirits during this dark, confusing winter, and because LGBTQIA issues are close to my heart.


linen, cotton, felt, silk, waxed polyester, glass beads

About the artist:

Lives in Phoenix, Arizona, United States

Marian Crane was born in 1965 in northwestern New Mexico, and grew up surrounded by the spectacular landscapes, colors, and cultural blends of the American Southwest.

Since 1997, Crane has created book art sculptures in non-traditional materials. The layered, sequential nature of books is ideal for her handheld installations. New advances in cognitive therapy use tactile and visually-dense art to counter mental and physical stresses…a new, secular take on spiritual notions of handling ‘magical’ artifacts like icons, prayer beads, or grimoires.

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Marian Crane – Color Cards – SOLD

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