Marilyn Whitney – Sutra


© 2018

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dimensions in inches: 35.25 x 10.25



About this piece:

The word sutra is defined as discourse, or spiritual narrative; another translation is threads, or stitching. On a recent trip to Japan with my Zen community, I spent hours in front of traditional Zen Buddhist sutra scrolls, created to teach and preserve Buddhist Scriptural narrative. I became curious: how would a sutra depict a narrative of landscape, or a sense of place. What would that look like in the materials of linen and paper that I use ?
This particular sutra chronicles the narratives of birds, drawn blindly, along a stream in May. It is concerned with the language of birds, and the connection made through listening and making marks.


fabric, paper, wood

About the artist:

Marilyn Whitney is a fiber artist working primarily with her own handwoven linen, natural dyes, and paper. Her work is about deep listening, paying attention, being curious. Currently her inquiries center around what constitutes a sense of place, what connects us, and how to translate these explorations into a textile medium.
She is living and working in Santa Fe, New Mexico.

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Marilyn Whitney – Sutra

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