Marina Sartori – Journey


© 1997
edition of 8
dimensions in inches: 16.75 x 11.75 x .25

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About this piece:

The images in Journey are derived from sketches made in the landscape or of sketches of natural objects. They are part of a vocabulary of images which also inspire the text. The images and text reflect upon journeys actually made and collective and personal memory-perceptions collected along those journeys. Nature and man-made constructs in nature inform the imagery and the texts. Journey is a folio consisting of three sheets with original black lithograph prints on white Zerkal printing paper and four sheets of letterpress text on semi-transparent white paper. Each folio has a different combination of prints in it. There are a total of five different sheets of prints.

In the work I make, the lithographs and etchings are original images worked directly and spontaneously on the stone or the plate. They are not copies of a pre-existing drawing, image or photograph. I start with a drawing or a sketch of a landscape or a detail that I might make while I am out walking in nature or traveling. Sometimes that sketch is, from the outset, an interpretation of what I see rather than a recording. That initial drawing or sketch goes through several iterations, is re-interpreted in different mediums. After having re-worked an image several times I then draw directly on the stone, for a lithograph, or on a plate, for an etching. Subsequently, especially for images on a plate, during the printing process, the image keeps being altered by the way the ink is applied. This results in a series of monoprints. My current printmaking is exploring new techniques using non-toxic methods and combines monotype, collographs and mono prints.

paper, ink, card stock

About the artist:
resides in Cambridge, Massachusetts, United States
Marina Sartori is an artist/designer based in Cambridge, MA. Her work includes printmaking, photography, painting, writing, and bookmaking. She has a B.Arch from Cornell University. Here she also studied printmaking, continuing those studies at the Centre des Arts du Livre (Paris) and the Hochschule fur Bildende Kunst (Hamburg). Marina also creates multi-sensory participatory art which includes immersive performance events, installations and travel-based projects. Recent exhibitions include a juried show of artists’ books in Portland, OR. Her work has been shown nationally and internationally.


Marina Sartori – Journey