Marnie Powers-Torrey – Everything Has a Language (Waxed)


© 2018
edition of 100
dimensions in inches: 3 x 6.5

Printed from around 75 found objects, this book sculpture is a conglomerate of the past and a document of the here and now. Each of these objects carries its own narrative, inherent in its current shape and surface, told through stamped ink.

NOTE: There are 2 versions of this book. Of the 100 in the edition, 50 of the copies have waxed pages, 50 do not. They are priced at $100/$50 respectively.


paper, ink, wax

About the artist:

Lives in Park City, Utah, United States

Marnie Powers-Torrey holds an MFA in photography from the University of Utah and a BA in English and Philosophy from Boston College’s Honors Program. She is the Managing Director of the Book Arts Program and Red Butte Press, an Associate Librarian, and serves as the faculty mentor for the minor and certificate in book arts. Marnie teaches letter-press printing, bookmaking, artists’ books and other courses for the Book Arts Program and elsewhere. She is master printer and production manager for the Red Butte Press.


Marnie Powers-Torrey – Everything Has a Language (Waxed)