Marnie Powers-Torrey – Roadside Attractions


© 2019
edition of 30
dimensions in inches: 6 x 6 x .75

About this piece:

Roadside Attractions documents collected evidence, inviting the reader to draw individual conclusions on the quasi-environmental study conducted by the artist. The small boustrophedon forms take notice of the intricacy of waste that proliferates at America’s roadsides. Each book is a grid of micro-meditations that attempt to balance human being’s misuse of resources with our incredible ingenuity and progress. The prints document tiny indicators of how we thrive and falter—each micro-page a critical piece of an unknown something. The books’ structure invites the viewer to map these discarded pieces without promise of arrival at a final destination. Simultaneously, the viewer is engaged in hypothesizing about the broken objects’ former uses. The deluxe set travels in a box that opens like the back of a caravan wagon, taking goods and entertainment on the road.Found objects were inked and printed on Masa, Niddegen, Lana Laid, and Domestic Etch via letterpress and gelatin monoprinting as well as stamping and risography. Volume 1 is treated with a sumi ink and salt wash and Volume III with wax. All volumes are housed in paper slipcases that are signed and numbered by the artist.


paper, ink, wax, glue

About the artist(s):

Lives and works in Park City, Utah, United States

Marnie Powers-Torrey holds an MFA in Photography from the University of Utah and a BA in English and Philosophy from the Boston College. Marnie is an Associate Librarian at the Marriott Library where she serves as Director of the Book Arts Program & Red Butte Press, offering academic and community outreach opportunities to the university and greater communities. She teaches letterpress, bookmaking, artists’ books, and other courses for the Book Arts Program and elsewhere. Marnie identifies primarily as a book artist, and her book work is held in collections nationally.


Marnie Powers-Torrey – Roadside Attractions