Mary Jeanne Linford – Cocoon


© 2019
edition of 5
dimensions in inches: 7 x 8 x 1.5

About this piece:

This book began as a poem, and was made into a pop-up book. The subject is about spousal abuse, and the poem and book were a means to deal with the abuse of a close family member. At first, as I made the pages, I was concerned that a pop-up book might be the wrong venue for the seriousness of the subject. However, as I continued to make pages, I realized that the innate innocence of childrens’ popup books overlaid with the pain and drama of abuse was a juxtaposition that added a level of meaning that might not be revealed in a traditional artist book. All proceeds from this book are donated to a local womens’ shelter.


paper, colored pencil, ink, mylar, thread, cloth

About the artist(s):

Lives and works in Bainbridge Island, Washington, United States

Mary Jeanne (MJ) Linford has been a book artist for over 50 years, and can trace her interest in bookmaking back to her high school art classes. Her interest in moveable and pop-up books began when she worked with Julie Chen. . But she truly began to understand the mechanics and engineering of pop-up books in a workshop with Shawn Sheehy. Since then, she has focused on using pop-up books with both humorous and more serious topics. Her work is housed in libraries, museums and private collections across the US,. She has also taught pop-up books to over 5,000 intermediate school art students.


Mary Jeanne Linford – Cocoon