Mary Kritz – Dr. Frankenstein’s Collection of Spare Parts


c. 2020
edition of: 1
dimensions: 8.7 x 6.25 x .06

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In the fictional story of Frankenstein, Dr. Frankenstein, aspired to generate life in the human form. He collected body parts from charnel houses, dissecting rooms and slaughter houses. In this accordion book, I selected quotes from the story and enhanced them with medieval anatomy images, which I painted with ink and water colors. On the first page there are pockets with laminated body part images: a brain, a piece of spine and a heart, that may be removed. The paper used to cover the book board represents the forest where Dr. Frankenstein’s creature took refuge after being rejected by the villagers and townsfolk. This book represents the pieces left over after Dr. Frankenstein completed his creation.


paper, book board, bookcloth, water colour, ink

About the artist:

Mary Kritz is a book binder and book artist who lives in Ottawa, Ontario in Canada. She is inspired by nature, architecture, and art. By using a wide range of materials, traditional and contemporary techniques and self-directed, playful exploration she creates unique artist’s books. After completing a course in bookbinding and paper making in 2006 she continued to self-direct her learning. She has been exhibiting her books, nationally and internationally since 2009, and has taught and mentored students in a range of Book Arts techniques since 2012.


Mary Kritz – Dr. Frankenstein’s Collection of Spare Parts