Mary Uthuppuru – Undefined Lines – SPECIAL ORDER ITEM


c. 2012
edition of 1
10.75 x 14.25 x .75

Available by special order. Please contact gallery to confirm availability.


Undefined Lines unfolds towards the viewer, drawing them along a winding path, traveling between trees. In secluded places like this, we seek knowledge beyond our own, trying to derive meaning from the rolling landscape. Tempted by the promise of completion, we walk through the clutter of life reaching out. At some point, we discover that our goal continues to move away from us as quickly as we run towards it; an undefined line evading our efforts.

Rives BFK, Watercolor, India Ink, Paste Cloth

From her home studio in Bloomington, Indiana Mary Uthuppuru create artist books, bindings, boxes, and prints inspired by science, literature and nature. With a fascination in life’s mysteries, a yearning for adventures great and small, and a novel constantly at hand, she draws viewers into her work with play and layers of meaning. Her work often features woodblock prints, paste papers, drawn and painted elements and occasionally electronics.

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Mary Uthuppuru – Undefined Lines – SPECIAL ORDER ITEM

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