Michael Gill – A Pocket Full of Change, PTN


© 2015

edition of 20

dimensions in inches: 9.25 x 9.5 x .5

A Pocket Full of Change, The Parent Teacher Nanny Edition

About this piece:
The Parent Teacher Nanny Edition is a subset of the entire edition of the artist’s book A Pocket Full of Change, and includes notes and questions to guide your discussion. It begins with a story of a boy who goes out one day on his bicycle with a pocket full of coins, and puts them one by one on railroad tracks to be run over by trains. This version adds a footnote on each page, parodying the idea of the teacher’s copy of the classroom edition of any school book. The footnotes offer dry commentary, including moral and legal questions, the history of minting coins, contextualization, the author’s self-effacement, and existential introspection. The story is told in rhymes, set in movable type, and illustrated with 20 original, multi-color woodcut prints.

Both the original story in rhyme as well as the foot notes to A Pocket Full of Change Parent Teacher Nanny edition were written by the artist as a way of connecting adult understanding to a nostalgic activity commonly practiced by children. As gallerist William Tregoning told Cleveland Scene magazine while exhibiting this book in a solo show at Tregoning and Company,

“I remembered the hot summer afternoon when my best friend Chip and I rode our bikes over to the tracks to do a little science: set down different coins on the tracks and watch wide-eyed with anticipation as the Rapid train rolled over them in a blur…”

The text in the footnotes in the Parent Teacher Nanny edition add to that an adult’s understanding and awareness of collateral information–material science, legal implications, and more—and also the humor and cultural commentary that comes with those details.

paper, ink, thread, board, cloth

About the artist:
Lives and works in Lakewood, Ohio, United States.

Michael Gill came to print making as a writer, seeking a way to give stories to his children. He has exhibited books in solo shows at William Busta Gallery, BAYarts and Tregoning & Co. and internationally at the Alte Feuerwasche Loschwitz Gallery during a residency at the Grafikwerkstatt in Dresden, Germany. His books are in the collections of Zygote Press, the Morgan Conservatory, Cleveland Public Library Special Collections, and private collections in the US, Germany, France, and the United Kingdom. He is founding editor of Collective Arts Network Journal in Cleveland.


Michael Gill – A Pocket Full of Change, PTN