Michelle Moode – Particular


© 2017
edition of 15
dimensions in inches: 6 x 4.5

about this piece

About this piece:

The content of Particular grew out of the long Iowa winter spent obsessing over seed catalogs. This book contains an abstract presentation of a garden season: from cold dead winter to seed-sprouting spring, to overwhelming abundance, to a compost heap of remainders. The production of this book was a meditation on efficiency of resources, and finding parallels between gardening and the creation of an artist’s book.

The paper is a mix of abaca and cotton, and includes a small percentage of what I referred to in the colophon as “recycled bits of yesteryear”: old work and off-cuts, lovingly, obsessively curated, and then thrown into the Hollander beater.

The index tracks and identifies the images in the book, and it is also a record of my thoughts, memories, and responses that seeped into the production. This labeling of shapes, colors, and marks is a second layer of content, prompting the reader to slow down, re-read and try to puzzle out the information.



handmade paper, ink, thread

About the artist:

Michelle C. Moode is a book and installation artist currently living in Kentucky, where she and her partner are working on a little house and a big garden.

She has exhibited her work nationally, and has taught a variety of Bookbinding, Printmaking, and Drawing classes, both in university and workshop settings.

Michelle grew up in a suburb of Los Angeles in the 1980s, influenced from an early age by fruit trees, rose gardens, science, science fiction and arcades.

Her work is informed by an interest in curation and collection, as well as a passion for growing things and wandering in the woods.

She looks slowly and breathes deeply in libraries, antique stores, and natural history museums.

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Michelle Moode – Particular