Michelle Ray – God Created the Sea . . . SOLD OUT

© 2013
edition of 50
7 x 5.5 x 4.25


While residing in the Deep South, I undertook a most wondrous adventure wherein I built a boat made entirely of cardboard and set about on an imaginary journey in the linoleum headwaters of my apartment. It started as cathartic play, it became this edition.

I first learned to use a map while sailing. Finding myself in a space with no landmarks, I had to trust my life to those unwieldy sheets of paper with their complex representations of the ever-changing seascape. In reference to the sea, this edition’s text states, “There are no markers in this/ monochromatic/ parking lot.” In the absence of these markers, we become painfully aware of their significance.

This work is about experience, perception, memory and the space in between composed of symbol, sound and object. This is the space of mediation, the space where significant things happen; it is the ocean on which my imaginary crew and I sailed­, the place for which there are no maps.

Michelle Ray is a traditionally trained book and letterpress artist featured in collections internationally. Ray’s pieces have been showcased in a variety of publications, including Lark Book’s 500 Handmade Books Volume 2 (2013). She has taught workshops and university courses, and holds an MFA in Book Arts and an MLIS with a focus in preservation.

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Michelle Ray – God Created the Sea . . . SOLD OUT

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