Mimi Calise Peterson – Fourth Floor Walk-Up, NYC – SOLD

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dimensions in inches:8.75 x 4.5 x 1.25



This book’s construction is based on the Interlocking Loops form from The Art of the Fold. This form immediately brought to mind architecture, small apartment buildings similar to where I lived in Queens, NYC until I was 5 years old. This book is an abstract interpretation of that memory. The image of the courtyard in Hitchcock’s Rear Window, c. 1954 always makes me think of that time. It was reproduced with inkjet printer on mulberry paper for the covers and my own monoprints on Japanese paper were used to represent windows. I can also remember how the stairs to the apartment switched back on themselves as we walked up. Although this folded and cut form seems simple I liked that it could be rearranged and added to in so many ways.


paper, ink, adhesives, boards

About the artist:

Lives in Silver City, New Mexico, United States

Mimi Calise Peterson is a book artist/painter . She received her BFA in painting from Philadelphia College of Art/University of the Arts, Philadelphia, PA in 1984. She has exhibited throughout the Mid-Atlantic region; Harbour Island, Bahamas; Denver, CO and Silver City, NM.

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Mimi Calise Peterson – Fourth Floor Walk-Up, NYC – SOLD

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