Mónica Goldstein – Paths


c. 2019
edition of: 1
dimensions: 6.25 x 9.25 x 1

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My work is an altered sketchbook, one of a kind.

Its white pages have been torn in a certain order and glued to both covers in an inverse order. There was no waste in its construction. By means of this gesture, I opt for a waste-free world, with a wise use of resources.

The exterior was modified by inner elements, the pages were torn from the covers to its core. At the core, T. S. Eliot’s and Mario Satz’s verses

And the way up is the way down,
the way forward is the way back.
T.S. Eliot. Four Quartets.
Y el camino hacia arriba es el que va hacia abajo,
El que va hacia adelante es el que va hacia atrás.
T.S. Eliot. Cuatro Cuartetos.

For the one who deepens the deep inside leads far outside.
Mario Satz.
Senderos en el Jardín del Corazón.
Para el que profundiza el muy adentro lleva muy afuera.
Mario Satz.
Senderos en el Jardín del Corazón.



About the artist:

Mónica Goldstein is an Argentinian artist who, in the late 1980’s began producing artists’ books, both as unique works and small editions.
She has worked in a variety of formats, book art objects, scrolls, altered books, among others.
Her work has been exhibited throughout Argentina, USA, the United Kingdom, Mexico, Israel and is held in several collections including Moma Franklin Furnace Artist’s Book Collection, New York; Stanford University, California; Archivio Libri‘;Artista, Italy; Stephen Museum, Hungary; Spain National Library; Artist’s Book Museum, Argentine.


Mónica Goldstein – Paths