Nikki Thompson – Dodger Blues


7 x 7, extends to 38
© 2012
edition of 20

about this piece

bookcloth, paper, linen thread

Two accordions, bound as three diamonds, with 108 stitches represent the 108 stitches on a baseball (or 216 depending on how you count it). Inside each diamond are photographs of a baseball field taken with a pinhole camera. The text was letterpress printed.

A little bit humorous, a little bit bittersweet, Dodger Blues tells the story of a softball player’s gender issues and the misery caused by family and friends. Each poem is named after a Dodger player.

Nikki Thompson prints with letterpress, rubber stamps, and inkjet. She uses innovative structures and materials to reflect the book’s content. Each book is handbound. Production occurs in a tiny room against the sound of the ocean. Letterpress printing happens in a Berkeley carriage house with a rich history of printers and many small critters.

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Nikki Thompson – Dodger Blues