Paloma Lucas – Let’s Play Pool – SPECIAL ORDER ITEM


© 2016
edition of 1
dimensions in inches: 7 x 7 x 2.5
Available by special order. Please contact gallery to confirm availability.

about this piece

About this piece:
This unique work is dedicated to the amusing and historic game of pool. The geometry of the game is reflected in this piece which is encased in an equilateral black triangular shaped, candy style box which resembles a billiards rack. The box is topped with a vintage mini 8-ball billiard and contains 9 two-inch base mini-books each colored like the billiard balls. Each of these mini equilateral triangle accordion books describes the unique history and interesting facts of the game of pool, and can be read turning the pages and rotating through its three sides. The mini books are kept closed by magnets hidden in their covers. The inside of the box is lined with English green felt which traditionally covers pool tables.

book board, paper, magnets, pva, felt, plastic
About the artist:

lives in Mountain View, CA, USA

Paloma Lucas is a printmaker, book artist and all around visual artist. She uses both digital and traditional media to give a visual voice to artistic themes. She was born in Madrid, Spain and moved to the US in adulthood. Her artwork reflects her Spanish heritage, and her artistic energy comes from deep passion and intuition. She’s an artist in residency at the Cubberley Community Center, Palo Alto, CA. Her work was recently exhibited at Abecedarian Gallery’s The Printed Page II.

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Paloma Lucas – Let’s Play Pool – SPECIAL ORDER ITEM