Paloma Lucas – Tumbling


© 2015
edition of 4
dimensions in inches: 6 x 12 x 6

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About this piece:

The images on the die are one-color linocut prints based on personal photographs and collage images. The text die is one-color, one word screen printed.
The piece is comprised of two dies. One of the dies has six images of materialistic objects such as a sporty car, lavish jewelry, popular electronics, a luxury boat, a fancy closet and a showy house. The second die has words related with human feelings toward objects. People strive to acquire material things. They desire to possess, have to have, need to have or desire certain objects.  We live our lives throwing the dice, the dice tumble – we tumble, randomly.  They keep rolling, tumbling, rolling, tumbling.  Is it all a matter of luck?  How do we know when to stop rolling?  Can we stop tumbling?

paper, polyurethane foam, ink, glue, medium

About the artist:
resides in Mountain View, California, United States
Paloma Lucas is creative graphic artist and printmaker. Originally from Spain, she has been living in Mountain View, CA for over 25 years. She began her career in the financial field, but later found her true inspiration for art. As an artist,  she uses both digital and traditional media to give a visual voice to her ideas. Her creativity is fueled by her passion, sense of aesthetics, thrill for challenges, natural intuition, and few cups of coffee per day.  She endeavors to work on meaningful projects in which she’s emotionally connected, utilizing formal visual means, and poetic metaphors.


Paloma Lucas – Tumbling