Paula Jull – Horizon


c 2012
edition of 1
6 x 9 x 1/2 inches


In the summer of 2010 I traveled to the Tibetan Autonomous Region in western China. While there, I was invited to witness the Buddhist monks practicing a sacred dance for the festival of Guanyin. The images in this book are from that day. The text is from the Heart Sutra, which also says ‘form is emptiness, emptiness is form’. For me, there is no difference between the sky and earth when the monks are dancing, the horizon disappears.

Somerset Enhanced Velvet paper, ink

Paula Jull is a Professor at Idaho State University where she teaches design, book arts and photography. She has an MFA from Indiana University in printmaking and is creator of the ISU VisComm Experimental Lab, a facility for research in letterpress and digital technology crossover. Her work includes artist’s books, mixed media and photography, is in several book art collections, and is included in numerous artist book publications. She is currently the chair of the NW Chapter of the GBW.

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Paula Jull – Horizon

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