Paula Jull – Pilgrim


© 2015
edition of 25
dimensions in inches: 7.375 x 9.25 x .75

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About this piece:

Pilgrim explores why and how we journey, using prose, poetry, and image to record both inward and outward aspects of a journey begun in memory. Text and image converse, not echoing one another, but providing a set of layers that work in counterpoint. This layering expresses the interactions of the collaborators as they constructed the book. Hopefully, as others read “Pilgrim”, the connections they make among the parts of it will become another layer of meaning. I have been a pilgrim for decades, traveling to most of Asia including china, Tibet, India, Nepal, Burma, Thailand, Laos and Cambodia. My memories of a dear friend who helped me discover my wandering ways still inspires me. She was my inspiration for Pilgrim.
Janne Goldbeck, my collaborator, writes eloquently from her own traveling spirit. She is an accomplished and published writer and poet. We have worked on projects for years, but something happened when we started Pilgrim. We decided to completely let of of our attachments to our imagery and words and listen to each other. We found new space between us. My imagery does not illustrate her words, nor do her words seek to clarify my imagery. There is not mention of water, but there are three different boats in the book. Wen I asked her for suggestions of the feather color, that is actually a brush stroke, she said “curry”, which my student assistant and I worked very hard to mix and print. It is now one of my favorite images in the book. The result is a true collaborative experiment.
It was printed on a Vandercook SP15 in the letterpress studio at Idaho State University with photopolymer plates. There are 18 text plates and 30 images for a total of 48 printings of 40 pages. Imagery is designed by artist from my own photography, historical references and found imagery.

paper, book cloth

About the artist:
resides in Pocatello, Idaho, United States
Paula Jull studied Asian Art History and completed her MFA in printmaking at Indiana University. Her work has been shown in numerous regional and national exhibits, and is in private and public collections. Her books are also featured in “500 Handmade Books”, its second edition,”500 Handmade Books 2″ and “Handmade Books, Studio Series” published by Lark Crafts. Currently a Professor at Idaho State University, Paula teaches book design, letterpress, and graphic design She is a founder of Pinyon Jay Press at ISU and is currently Art Director of the Journal of the Guild of Bookworkers.


Paula Jull – Pilgrim