Peggy Johnston – Caterpillar – SPECIAL ORDER ITEM


© 2016
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dimensions in inches: 4.25 x 40 x 2.25
Available by special order. Please contact gallery to confirm availability.

about this piece

About this piece:
The inspiration for this piece was a box of copper welding pins that I found at an auto swap meet. The 270 signatures are folded circles of crinoline (super) pamphlet stitched with black monofilament to pleated guard material (used in the construction of oversized ledgers long ago). The guard material is sewn with waxed linen thread to a strip of leather, and embellished on the outside of the leather with three stacked beads at each pleat. Over 2500 holes were punched in the leather and guard material for the sewing stations. I had no idea when I started the piece what it would look like or how it would behave once I had sewn it. I love to be surprised by my work. I often feel that the creative process controls me. Sometimes, as in this piece, the materials dictate the outcome of the piece. Caterpillar weighs 2.4 pounds.

leather, beads, monofilament, thread, crinoline, copper, fabric
About the artist:

lives in Des Moines, Iowa, United States

Peggy Johnston graduated from the University of Wyoming with degrees in art and education. Since then she has continued her studies in painting, printing and the book arts. She has taught locally in the public schools and at the Des Moines Art Center. She has also conducted workshops across the country. Her award winning work is in public and private collections nationally and internationally, including the National Museum for Women in the Arts in Washington, D.C.

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Peggy Johnston – Caterpillar – SPECIAL ORDER ITEM