Peggy Johnston – Nazca


© 2007
edition of 8
dimensions in inches: 7.5 x 5.5 x .5


About this piece:

Paste papers representing the famed lines on the Peruvian Nazca plain comprise the pages of this book. Each page has a window edged in Incan Gold. As the pages are turned, the openings create changing patterns.
This book is bound using Gary Frost’s Sewn Boards binding, which itself is an artifact, blending ancient and contemporary bindings. I created stencils from photos of my own flight over the amazing Peruvian geoglyphs at Nazca. I was struck by their size-they were much smaller than I had expected. They are very fragile. The images were formed simply by brushing aside the top layer of soil on the plain to expose the underlying strata of a darker color. They are in very real danger of disappearing forever if our climate changes continue, and it begins to rain on the Nazca plain.
My views of the Nazca lines were first hand, viewed from a six-seater Cessna. The stencils for the book are derived from photos taken whilst flying over the lines. I wanted the book to be interactive, so I randomly cut windows following some of the lines on the plain as they appeared in my paste papers.


Paste papers, mylar and cloth

Artist bio:

Peggy Johnston graduated from the University of Wyoming with degrees in art and education. Since then she has continued her studies in painting, printing and the book arts. She has taught locally in the public schools and at the Des Moines Art Center. She has also conducted workshops across the country. Her award winning work is in public and private collections nationally and internationally, including the National Museum for Women in the Arts.

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Peggy Johnston – Nazca

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