Penelope Anstruther – Land Can Turn To Sea – SOLD

© 2018
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dimensions in inches: 3 x 60 x 1



About this piece:

To experience this book the viewer must pull out the 5 ft long scroll to read the poem, creating a set pace that must then be reversed in rolling it back. In this movement I hope to convey macro and micro forces: the ebb and flow of the ocean and its tides, the movement of material with every turning phase and greater still the push and pull of tectonic plates beneath our feet. I relate these large-scale forces to those exerted between two people, drawing to and away from each other. The metal object that the scroll is wound around was found on the shoreline. Originally two pieces the screw and its fixture became fused over time crating one solid rusted mass. The poem, written by the artist, is stenciled onto the cloth then hand dyed in hand made rust ink.


cloth, ink, thread, metal

About the artist:

Lives and works in Oakland, California, United States

Penelope Anstruther is a British, artist working in Oakland, CA. Pieces range from book arts, print, video & site specific installation. No matter the medium strong themes of fragility, paradoxical emotions and the transience of memory and identity reflected in objects, run throughout. Having studied at SACI, Florence, Italy, City & Guilds of London Art School and Osaka University of the Arts, Japan she gained her BFA in printmaking from San Francisco Art Institute, CA. She’s exhibited throughout the US and internationally. She has recently had solo shows in Atlanta, Seattle and San Francisco.

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Penelope Anstruther – Land Can Turn To Sea – SOLD

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