Rebecca Bradshaw – Sorrow – SOLD

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dimensions in inches: 9.5 x 7



About this piece:
Sorrow explores the physical manifestation of emotion. Questions like: What would sorrow look like if you could hold it in your hand? What color would it be? What texture would your fingers feel? Sorrow is a deconstructed accordion book with a separate cover. Being able to take the book apart, feeling the texture of the pages evokes a sense of peeling back the layers of emotion to get to the heart of things. I chose the book format for this project because to me books seem eternal and yet the materials books are made of by their very nature are fragile and transient. Encaustic wax makes paper both stronger and more translucent creating a sense of the ethereal. Letterpress is the traditional way to get words to the masses and sorrow is a word all of us share.

My mother died in early 2017 after being diagnosed with glioblastoma brain cancer. Her death was so unexpected and quick that there was little time to process. Sorrow comes to me unexpectedly now. It touches me fleetly for the most part but occasionally presses with some weight. I feel that this book allowed me manifest the emotion into the physical. The tough, translucency of sorrow combined with the gritty texture of an emotion that rubs like sandpaper.


paper, wax, ink, pastel

About the artist:
Lives and works in Santa Fe, New Mexico, United States.

Rebecca Bradshaw is a printmaker who moonlights as facilities manager during the day. She enjoys exploring technique including illustration, photography and printmaking with little dabbles into encaustic, watercolor and glass. Rebecca’s current passion is letterpress and cyanotype. Rebecca fills her days with sunlight, laughter and expressions of artist endeavor. She has illustrated for a number of newsletters and articles but Rebecca’s latest love is the letterpress.

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Rebecca Bradshaw – Sorrow – SOLD

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