Retta Clews – 24 Hours of Eavesdropping – SOLD

© 2009

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dimensions in inches: 6 x 8 x .5



About this piece:
New Orleans is a fascinating city, not like any other in America. I have always loved visiting there, but after the flooding from Hurricane Katrina I was angry at how slow our country was to respond with help, and I was afraid to see the changes. When I did go back I was thrilled and delighted to see the spirit of the populace was not crushed, and while the exuberance was a little more subdued, the energy and beauty were still there. So much has been lost beneath the waves forever, but there is still much that can be recovered. Many are working to that end, and their spirit is strong.

All the photos were taken by me. The scans I made from commercial products of New Orleans. The sketch was drawn by me. The text is composed of random conversations that I wrote down over the course of a single day. I used Adobe Illustrator to create the waves and organize them so they flowed from page to page. The pages are printed on my inkjet printer on card stock. The cover photo is of a piece of a house lost in the flood.
commercially printed fabric, card stock, ink jet printing
About the artist:

Lives and works in Blue Hill, Maine, United States

Retta Clews is a printmaker, book-binder and book-artist living in Blue Hill, Maine. She has studied at Haystack Mountain School of Crafts with Paulus Berensohn, Barbara Mauriello, Sas Colby and Rebecca Goodale. She has exhibited at the Handworks Gallery in Blue Hill, Blue Hill Public Library, the Blue Hill Co-op, the Hutchinson Center in Belfast, Maine, the Maine College of Art and the Kate Cheney Chappell ’83 Center for Book Arts. Her work is in the collection of the University of Maine at Machias.

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Retta Clews – 24 Hours of Eavesdropping – SOLD

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