Roni Gross – Tikilluarit – SOLD OUT

© 2012

edition of 10

dimensions in inches: 6 x 3.5 x 1.5


about this piece

About this piece:
Tikilluarit, the word for welcome in the Kalaalisut language, speak to the fact that language is irrepressible. The book will not lay flat. It is an intimate work that takes its scale from the human body, and contrasts it with the little-known culture of Greenland, which could easily stand for any culture which is foreign to us. Learning another language means understanding the foundation of a culture, its evocative past as well as its aspirations for the future. It requires a sensitivity to the body and it’s ability to make sound. The tactile sensations of handling the book, its skin, and activating the wooden sound sculpture add another component to the visual experience of reading and understanding the text.

Sound sculpture was made by Peter Schell. The tex written by Nancy Campbell, is the poem entitled The Hunter Teaches Me To Speak. The binding was done by Biruta Auna. Design and letterpress printing by Roni Gross.
calf skin, paper, thread, wood
About the artist:
Lives and works in New York, New York, United States

Roni Gross is a book artist who trained first as a musician and then as a choreographer. She is interested in the theater of the book, it’s pacing, the music of language, and the resonance of color. She has been issuing multiples for 27 years under the imprint Zitouna, and limited edition letterpress printed books with the sculptor Peter Schell under the pressname Z’roah. Roni Gross co-published The Vandercook Book, with Barbara Henry, in honor of the 100th anniversary of the Vandercook press. Her work is in many collections including NYPL and The Library of Congress.

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Roni Gross – Tikilluarit – SOLD OUT