Rosemary Rae – Don’t Entertain, Fascinate


© 2018
edition of 1
dimensions in inches:7 x 12

about this piece

This expansive flag book form inspired by Hedi Kyle’s book, The Art of the Fold, combines letterpress, cropped typography, circles, polka dots and explosive circus-colored panels in a playful mix!

The covers are 11×17 letter pressed broadsides, that are turned on their sides, scored and folded, and each, when opened, reveal additional folded pages and surprises. Some of the cropped panels contained in this book were created with hand cut stencils and spray paint, scanned, digitally printed, then letter pressed with vintage wood type.


paper, paint, photocopies, ink

About the artist:

Lives in El Cajon, California, United States

Rosemary Rae is a graphic designer, educator and artist living in San Diego, California. Her collages, assemblages and small artist books are curated from found materials and integrate found type and images from magazines, discarded books and vintage ephemera. Her interest in typography reaches from her professional design work into her more experimental projects. Her work explores the relationship between space, color, poetry and the play of random compositions across a page.

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Rosemary Rae – Don’t Entertain, Fascinate