Roslyn Moresh – Let’s Dance!


© 2017
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dimensions in inches: 9 x 10 x 3



About this piece:

To dance is to celebrate exhilaration and joy with the body. It gives the feet and soul wings and allows us to describe a space and a state of being. The act of moving sets a rhythm and aligns oneself to the music or the emotion of the moment. This piece attempts to capture the essence of celebrating life with dance and interacting these feelings with others. It shows individuals circumscribing a prescribed space with their bodies and their separate movements. It is symbolic for humanity’s attempt to dance around each other as the individuals express their own way of celebrating life. The choice of color combinations and shapes used are a reflection of my individual idea of reveling in the uplifting act of acclaiming a space with the body in tune with the sounds of the universe. I chose the tunnel book as the form to describe these phenomena because it allows the figures to have a space of their own while interacting with each other at the same time.



paper, watercolor,thread

About the artist:

Roslyn attended The School of Visual Arts in New York as a painting major.She later moved to Hawaii and continued painting and teaching watercolor workshops. She began making books with her handmade paper. After working on a teaching credential she was placed on Molokai for her first teaching assignment. Here she taught papermaking as well as book arts in addition to her teaching assignment. Upon moving back to the Big Island she created a farm, and has just finished building a papermaking studio that includes an artist’s residence and hopes to have teachers from all over use the space.

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Roslyn Moresh – Let’s Dance!

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